10/22/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #22 – Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.


It’s Saturday! Family day! Yay! Time for a classic that you simply can’t help but smile at while you’re watching. It’s time for that perennial Halloween favorite, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Although, it really should be called Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein AND Dracula AND Wolfman (and possibly even another little surprise.) The joy and whimsy of this movie is undeniable. Did I just write whimsy? Yes, I did. Ugh, I should punch myself. Oh well, moving on… The basic plot is that Abbott and Costello work in a freight yard and must deliver some crates to the owner of a House of Horrors. The crates just happen to hold the remains of both Dracula and Frankenstein. And well, zany hijinks ensue. There are many reasons why this movie from 1948 is still entertaining now. First, seeing the Universal monsters is always fun. Even though Boris Karloff refused to reprise his Frankenstein role and was recast, both Bela Legosi and Lon Chaney, Jr. reprised their Dracula and Wolfman roles. Seeing them in a more lighthearted setting is bizarre but fun. It feels almost like a Scooby Doo episode. Especially Legosi, whose Dracula here really hams it up in a few scenes. Another reason is obviously to see the classic Abbott and Costello in action. Those dudes were funny. Here’s the deal if you’ve never seen them before, Abbott is a bonefide asshole, and Costello is, well, a little… special. But the olde tyme comedy bits that usually circle around Costello seeing something and Abbott never believing him, is always entertaining to me. And Costello’s physical comedy is pitch perfect. The scene where he accidentally sits on Frankenstein, and slowly realizes it by feeling his arm, kills me. Look, you know what you’re getting here. It’s classic entertainment from a bygone era. Although, here’s a trick. I watched this with my two kids. I told them that Abbott and Costello were like the “Dan and Phil” of their generation. As soon as I said that, they got it instantly, and we had fun watching it. Oh, and if you don’t know who Dan and Phil are, you definitely don’t have kids. Enjoy a classic tonight everyone. Turn off your brain and just be charmed by it. In today’s day and age, sometimes you just need simple entertainment like this.

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