10/20/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #20 – Green Room.


Let’s get down to business on what I consider the best thriller I saw all year. After I saw Green Room at Sundance in January, this was the movie I couldn’t stop thinking about, talking about and telling every person I knew to watch when it came out. This film leaves a serious mark. It rattles your soul. This movie is true horror. I’m not kidding. And along with that, and please listen to me on this one, this film is insanely graphically violent. And the violence is not in a gorehound, cool sfx, crazy over the top way. No. It’s rather done in a realistic, brutal and jarringly visceral way. But saying that, the reason the violence is so effective is because it fits in perfectly with the unbelievably bleak and dark storyline. Green Room is about a struggling punk band desperate to book a show. Their desperation is definitely shown when they book a gig at an isolated compound that just happens to be run by, and for, Neo-Nazi’s. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, there is no way this is going to turn out good. Well, you have no goddamn idea how badly this goes. I don’t want to say another WORD about the plot because you need to experience this ride for yourself. The writing, directing, and acting of this movie cannot by touted enough. The claustrophobia. The helplessness. The isolation. Every emotion and feeling that the actors are feeling is felt right along by the audience as well. The direction and cinematography is pitch perfect. It’s got to be so difficult to truly make the audience feel those tight quarters without making us feel constricted. I could geek on and on about this movie for ages, but let me end with this. Normally I would say the reason to see this film is Patrick Stewart, who plays one of the evilest and most terrifying villains ever. But now I have to say the reason to see this is Anton Yelchin. Sadly this was the last movie that was released while he was still alive. He was tragically killed soon after. Watch him in this role and you’ll understand just how great of a loss that truly is. Green Room is a gem. It’s as tense and terrifying of a suspenseful thriller as you’ll EVER see. Movies like this just don’t come across as often as you’d like. This is one of my absolute highest praised films on my list this year. Mark my words. See this film now.


One thought on “10/20/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #20 – Green Room.

  1. This was such a good movie. Honestly, I saw it for Patrick Stewart at first, and it did not disappoint. From beginning to end was so good. And you’re right, Stuart played this horrifying villain. Did not expect that. I think he was so terrifying because he was so calm the entire time.

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