10/18/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #18 – The Other Side of the Door.


Okay, so I’ve got an interesting pick today. The Other Side of the Door is a little seen flick from earlier in the year that I enjoyed. Let me use an analogy to explain exactly how I felt after I saw this movie. Let’s say you love hamburgers (you can replace with veggie burgers, animal lovers). There’s no mystery what the hamburger is going to taste like, and you don’t really care. When it’s done right, it’s enjoyable even though it’s predictable. Then all of sudden, somebody puts some Sriracha on that hamburger. Suddenly it’s still the same predictable hamburger, but now it has just a touch of extra flair that makes it more interesting. That right there is The Other Side of the Door. Sure it’s predictable and you’ve seen the plot before, but it has a few touches of extra flair that set it apart. Most noticeably is the entire movie takes place in India. It’s a gorgeous and unique setting we’re not used to that instantly makes everything more interesting. It even uses some folklore from the region for the main story. Who cares if we’ve seen it before; it’s still pretty cool. Plus, you’ve got Sarah Wayne Callies from Walking Dead (she was Rick’s wife Lori) doing an amazing job in the central role. Alongside her you’ve also got Jeremy Sisto, who’s always a good addition in my opinion. The story follows an American couple’s decision to stay and live in India as a place to raise their family. After their young son dies in a horrific accident, the mother is so distraught that she travels to a distant temple and follows an ancient custom to speak to her child one last time. The only hook is that you can only talk to him through a door, you can’t open the door to see him. Well, let’s just say it doesn’t go as planned and there are consequences. There’s a bunch of life and death stuff, a bunch of old school scares, and as an added bonus there’s a sweet monster/demon creation that has such a damn cool visual to it. This was probably my favorite part of the movie. I’m a sucker for good creature designs (real makeup btw, not CGI!) It’s kind of a softball film, nothing too harsh. But I enjoyed it. If you’re looking for something sort of predictable but with that little added touch of Sriracha, The Other Side of the Door is a perfect match.


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