OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICKS #15 & #16 – Insidious: Chapter 2 & Chapter 3.


insidious-2 insidious-3

**Double Feature weekend**

Every year I love to do a double feature weekend with movies that go better together than on their own. And yes, this usually coincides with a little October getaway I’m taking. Well, I’ll be gone at a wedding this weekend so that allows us to double feature it, and delve into the extended world of a movie I thoroughly enjoy — Insidious. Let’s take on Chapter’s 2 and 3.

First up is the direct sequel to Insidious, Insidious: Chapter 2. This is a fun little haunter that continues and expands on the story from the first film. This is not a film that you really want to watch before the other one. Definitely view the first Insidious before you come into sequel territory because while the Insidious movies are at their core basic haunted house/possession films, they pack in a lot of extra backstory and plot. This occasionally makes them tricky to follow if you’re not caught up. Here, we continue to follow the Lambert family. After saving their son from the demon in the first film, they’re now back to being a sweet family again, right? Au contraire. We know things aren’t going to go well with this family because they have much more of a spooky past than even they realize. Soon enough there’s another spirit that’s latched on to them; there are many more creepy haunted house shenanigans; and there is a TON more time spent in the Further. Now, the Further is where people are in or out with these movies. It’s kinda similar to the “Upside Down” in Stranger Things. If you enjoy something a bit out of the ordinary than what you normally see, then you’re in. If you want more straightforward horror, you may be turned off. Because this one has a LOT more time spent in the bonkers world of the Further. But to me it’s all pretty damn entertaining. Look, it’s got great actors, great cinematography, great direction (James Wan is the man), some great demons/spirits, and some great scares. If you enjoyed the first one, you’ll enjoy this one too.

Next up, is Insidious: Chapter 3. Really it should be called Insidious: Chapter 0, because it’s a prequel not a sequel. While this flick kinda touches on a few of the events and characters that lead up to the first movie, it’s mostly about Lin Shaye’s character of Elise and how she decided to reenter the world of contacting spirits. I will be completely honest right now. While it does have some fun moments and some great scares, I do think this is the weakest of the three Insidious films. But there is one huge reason while this film still made this list, and her name is Lin Shaye. Lin has been a horror stalwart for ages and it’s almost as if this film was made as a love letter to her. She’s such a great actor. She’s so full of emotion. Even though she may not be the protagonist when we start the film, she’s definitely the centerpiece by the end. Hell, she even gets her own badass moment, complete with one-liner! She is the key reason for this film being successful. The film itself follows a young girl who asks Elise for help to try and contact her dead mother. At first Elise refuses, but after another strong demon starts attacking, she eventually changes her mind. The centerpiece demons have always been a strong suit in the Insidious films, and the Wheezing Demon in Chapter 3 is a strong addition. The sounds, the mask, the look, it all works for some good creeps and some great scares. This film is filled with your typical hauntings, spooky footsteps, and plenty of jump scares. It’s still a fun film even though you can tell James Wan didn’t direct this one (that role went to the writer Leigh Whannell.) It’s enjoyable discovering how Elise (and a few others) got their start for sure, but like I said earlier, the main reason for this film is seeing Lin Shaye get her deserving showcase. Enjoy Chapter 3 for what it is and you love the Insidious world, you won’t be disappointed. Get caught up, because Chapter 4 comes out next year.


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