10/13/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #13 – Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning.


It’s Thursday the 13th, so it’s close enough. It’s time for a flick from my beloved Friday the 13th series. And yes, putting Part 5 on any list may be controversial, considering most people think it strays too far from the formula and that it’s the worst of the series. But hear me out as I’m going to defend A New Beginning as a little gem, a diamond in the rough. First, let me just put this right out there. I’m NOT in the business of snarkily mocking or making fun of movies. As you know from this list, I like ALL kinds of flicks, ranging from fantastic to horrible. Everything has some kind of entertainment value; you just have to know how to watch it. But every once in a while, a movie comes along that’s begging for you to watch it in a different way than advertised. While Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning is on its surface a slasher horror film, I’m here to say I think it might be the best parody slasher film ever made. And I think the filmmakers, DEEP in the heart of my beloved 80’s (1985), did this somewhat on purpose. If you look at all of the bonkers horror movies coming out around this time, Part 5 fits right in with the rest of them in terms of insanity. The premise follows Tommy Jarvis after the events of Part 4 (when Jason was… killed?) He’s still haunted by the memory of Jason and is sent to a halfway house. Suddenly people start dying (a LOT of people, big body count in this one), and well, here we go again. But trust me, this Friday feels so different than the others. Even the kills are different. But mainly there is so much campy humor inside, I’m positive the filmmakers were doing this on purpose. We have a romantic musical number between two people on either side of an outhouse wall, one while he’s taking an enchilada-enduced dump. We have an entire dance sequence of a girl doing the robot solo. We have SO much gratuitous nudity and sex, some of which is done so over the top it’s hilarious. We have a crazy hillbilly momma and son that I can’t even begin to explain. There are SO many parody moments from numerous false animal scares, to people falling every time they try to run (and seemingly can’t get up). Good lord, do I honestly have to continue? Listen to me, if you want to see an amazingly entertaining Friday the 13th parody, please watch A New Beginning. It’s a fantastic drunk watch, and/or group watch. Not only will you never be bored, but you’ll have the absolute best time wallowing in the most bonkers 80’s you’ve ever seen. And again, I’m not mocking, because I honestly think the filmmakers wanted it to be watched this way. I truly do. So do it for them and enjoy.


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