10/12/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #12 – Under the Shadow.


Time for another incredible film that was just recently released in theaters, albeit very limited. Listen to me… if you have a theater near you that is playing Under the Shadow, see it immediately. This was my absolute favorite movie I saw at the Sundance Film Fest this past year. Shockingly I don’t hear many people talking about it, and that’s a complete travesty. I know that Netflix paid top coin for this baby, so it should be showing up there pretty soon, but still try to see the big screen/big sound experience if possible. Under the Shadow is unlike any horrorifying experience you’ve seen. Much of its uniqueness comes from the fact that it takes place in Iran during the 1980’s. It fascinatingly shows how life was in war-torn Tehran during the Iran/Iraq war. Frequent bombings and constant fear was the way of life. The premise circles around a family living in a large apartment complex in the heart of bombing danger. When the father is called away to war, the mother and child are left on their own. As the bombings hit closer to home (and I mean CLOSE), more and more families move away, but our main characters cannot. Soon they are the last ones left… but they’re not alone. I realllllly don’t want to spoil much more than this, but know that it is a dread-filled masterpiece. And I mean dread. I was completely terrified in this film. Yes there are some fantastic jump scares, but the dread here is earned. It doesn’t rely on cheap shocks; it builds pure, unadulterated fear. There is something utterly incredible about when a bombing siren goes off and the family must travel to the downstairs bomb shelter. But they know that something might be out there waiting for them. What do they do? Stay in their place and be bombed? Or travel down and face the dark force stalking them. It’s this kind of simple brilliance that sets this movie apart. The entire movie is subtitled with the characters speaking Persian, giving it true authenticity. Seeing the cultural differences and ways of life in 80’s Iran, set within a ghost/spirit/monster story just feels so utterly different than anything you’ve ever seen. Trust me on this one folks. This movie will blow you away.


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