10/10/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #10 – Bone Tomahawk.


Here’s a fantastic movie that completely flew under the radar last year. Because of the larger big studio Westerns that were released like The Revenant and Hateful Eight, Bone Tomahawk sadly got lost in the shuffle and that’s a damn shame. This movie needs to get its just due. Like many movies I put on my list, it’s not straight horror, but the horrific moments might be some of the absolute most visceral and dreadful I’ve ever seen in a Western. The premise circles around one of a Western’s most tried-and-true tropes, the search party. When a disturbing primal tribe enters a small town and steals a few people (including the wife of the Sheriff), a search party is created to go and rescue them. Yet, even after hearing warnings about the ruthlessness and brutality of this tribe, they set off anyway in what seems like a doomed journey. What follows is a type of Western “road trip” filled with infighting, attacks, and even an injury to one of the members that keeps getting worse, creating an unwinnable decision. And that’s all before they get to the cannibalistic tribe that is a pure caricature of ultimate savagery. This film is slowly paced, which works perfect for building dread. Much of the movie isn’t horror at all, but rather a character study on these men in the search party. That’s this movie’s best quality – the acting and the characters. Kurt Russell (my hero), Patrick Wilson, and Matthew Fox are all phenomenal in their roles, but I have to big the ultimate props to Richard Jenkins. He’s practically unrecognizable from how you normally see him, and he is INCREDIBLE. I could watch five movies featuring his character Chicory, simply because he’s that well realized. But enough of this, let’s get to the nitty gritty – the cannibals. Holy shit, the cannibals. Let me give you this word of warning… this movie is VIOLENT. In fact, I think it may have the single most shocking scene of violence I’ve seen in a film in the last few years. It is so revolting and so lifelike that you will be changed after seeing it. I’m not kidding. BUT, because of how real this film feels, it’s completely in line with the insanity of the tribe committing it. And it scares the living hell out of you. They are definitely where the horror lies. Anyway, I’ll stop here, but if you love Westerns and you love horror, for the love of God watch this movie immediately. It is a perfect combo of each.


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