10/8/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #8 – The Shallows.


I love choosing movies that some people vehemently dislike, yet I really enjoy. The Shallows is a perfect example of this. One complaint I hear from people after watching certain movies (especially this one) is that it’s “so unbelievable” or “that would never happen.” Really? Is that what you’re always looking for in a movie? Believability? If you want real life, walk outside and stare at your neighborhood. Me, while I love a good true story every once in a while, what I really love is to escape. And The Shallows to me is good old fashioned escapism at its finest. The Shallows is another in a recent line of one person/single location stories that many people are doing nowadays. In many cases it’s for budgetary reasons and you can tell. Here, this isn’t the case at all because even though it’s a single location, they definitely have a budget. And they put it on screen. This movie is beautiful. The premise is simple. A young woman goes to find a completely isolated, secret surfing beach that has a personal connection to her. Once she finds it, some events happen and she ends up being stranded on a rock in the middle of the ocean, wounded badly, and being stalked by a shark. To up the ante, when the tide comes in, the island will disappear and the shark will have its dinner. It’s this ticking clock that is the movie’s best attribute. You constantly feel the time ticking away. For a film that is basically one person for most of the time, it does a great job in keeping us not only vested, but also entertained. It’s a mano y mano game of chess between the woman and the shark, and I love it. The woman is played by Blake Lively, and she does a fantastic job in the role. Plus, at the risk of sounding too much like a “dude”, she’s pretty damn easy on the eyes. It’s got some cringe-worthy violence. The leg wound segment alone will make you squirm, I guarantee. If you’re afraid of sharks, or shark attacks, enter at your risk. Yes, it’s got some unbelievable aspects, but who gives a shit? This movie is entertaining as all hell. And to boot, it’s one of the most gorgeously shot ocean films I’ve ever seen. If it weren’t for the shark, it’s one of the most gorgeous surfing movies you’ve ever seen. Pure escapism entertainment. Let go of all your judgment and just have fun with it.

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