10/5/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #5 – The Fly (1958).


Time to go into the way back machine a little bit. Time for one of my favorite Vincent Price flicks. Well, let’s be honest, pretty much anything with Vincent Price is one of my favorite Vincent Price flicks. Man, I worship that dude. They just don’t make people like him anymore. Sigh… Anyway, back to the movie. The Fly rules. While it still holds up today almost 60 years later, what really benefits the viewing experience (as it does with any older movie) is to watch and think about how they saw this material in that time and age. They were so much purer and simpler back then. This movie must have knocked their freakin’ 1958 era socks off, because it’s a pretty disturbing little ditty. Most of you probably know the basic premise, as it’s kind of become the thing of legend. A scientist who has created a matter transfer device runs the experiment on himself and a fly gets trapped inside with him. So when they transfer, their atoms intermingle and he becomes half fly, half man. But in the original Fly movie, there’s another half to the equation. There’s also a tiny fly with the other human half flying around. The scientist enlists his loyal wife to try and locate that little fly so he can reverse the experiment before the fly part of him takes control and he loses himself. While Cronenberg’s remake of The Fly (one of my favorites, see October 18, 2011), takes this premise to a much more aggressive level, it’s the simplicity of the story within the 1950’s time period that is interesting for this one. The majority of this movie is told in flashback, with the story bookended by a (sort of) murder mystery. And while it is all pretty simplistic, there is a charm to it that lures you in. For instance, the setting of the laboratory itself is fantastic. I could watch the scenes of the blinking multi-colored tubes for hours. But if you think it’s all just softball, there are some pretty trippy scenes. The reveal of the fly arm, followed by the fly head are both done wonderfully. Plus, as an added bonus, there’s a surprisingly gruesome scene at the very beginning, and a totally demented one at the end (you know it, you love it.) Just sit back, get into your 50’s mindset, and enjoy this warped little scifi horror tale.

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