10/4/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #4 – Last Shift.


Here’s another little gem that came out of nowhere for me. As you’ve heard me say many times in the past, I have a soft spot for low budget films that find a clever way to tell a nice spooky story with those limited means. The Last Shift is a perfect example of this — single location, a mostly alone main character, only a handful of side characters, not too fancy, just a lot of drawn out solitary dread. What more could you want in a little indie chiller? The premise is simple. An outdated police station has been emptied because everyone has moved into the new location. Yet, they can’t completely abandon it yet because there are still some hazardous materials left in the evidence room here. Because everyone else has already moved to the new station, it’s a lone rookie officer’s assignment to stay in the now abandoned station all by herself and wait until the hazmat team arrives. It’s a simple and effective premise. Now all that’s left is to completely eff with the lone officer in a creepy abandoned police station. Mysterious phone calls start to come in. Sounds come from down the hall. A strange homeless man appears to be playing games with her. Strange stories and clues start to appear from odd places. It’s a slow build, but really effective. It’s not too long before you start to realize there’s a mystery in the mix. Why was the police station forced to close? Who is the voice on the phone? How is everything somehow linked specifically to our rookie officer? It’s a fun little game. Lots of spooky simple touches that add up to a unnerving experience and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Plus a few bonus points for a few amazing visuals and some really great scares that had me going (although I take points away from the marketing team who gives away one of the great visual reveal right on the poster for the damn film!) Anyway, take it for a spin and give this little shocker some love.


2 thoughts on “10/4/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #4 – Last Shift.

  1. OK, so I just watched this last night. It was decent, and it had some jump scares, but I really was expecting more, I guess. I was super confused by the end. I actually googled wtf I just watched. lol I don’t want to give things away for people who haven’t seen it, but I think there are a couple of possibilities of what could have happened at the end? (or maybe I’m just looking for a deeper meaning). I am still looking for that movie that will actually scare me, with a good plot and character development that doesn’t go for the obvious demon possession kind of stuff – looking forward to the rest of your recommendations, and I’m still watching more of them as the month goes on!

    • Yeah, it’s definitely a pretty basic and simple film, I’ll give you that. But in a way that’s kind of what I enjoyed about it. Sometimes simplicity works for me. SO glad you’re watching!!

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