10/2/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #2 – Unfriended.


Now for a movie that came out of nowhere. It’s time for the Jeff Dixon award of “movie I thought was going to be terrible that ended up being fantastic.” And the award goes to… Unfriended. I know many of you are probably thinking, “Wait, isn’t that the Skype horror movie? Seriously? That looked like drivel that was made to pander to Millennials.” Guess what, that’s exactly what I thought too. Then I started to hear rumblings from people I trusted saying it was actually really good. Lucky for me it was on HBO so I reluctantly sat down and gave it a view. I’m so glad I did. What a damn breath of fresh air. Yes, at first glance, it’s a Skype horror movie, but you quickly realize it’s soooo much more. Unfriended entirely takes place from the point of view of one girl’s computer screen. While this sounds claustrophobic, it’s actually not. Early on a few clever nuances make you realize the filmmakers have this well under control and they’re going to take you on quite a ride. The movie starts out on a group of friends goofing around on a group chat. You soon realize it’s the one year anniversary of a friend of theirs that committed suicide due to an embarrassing video of her that was posted and the subsequent online bullying. When a new person enters the group chat that claims to be the dead friend, things start to spiral out of control from there. What sounds like a silly premise is handled with utmost respect. The computer screen gimmick works perfectly. Yes, you see the people talking to each other, but then you can also see what our girl is doing on her computer screen. You can see what she’s searching, what she types in, then deletes. Wait, why did she delete that? What did that mean? Why is that song playing? Lots of little tidbits add up to a really good mystery that you have to figure out in a specific time limit. And if you think this movie is a softball, think again. What surprised me the most were some brief moments of truly shocking violence and gore. It earns it’s R rating, trust me. I almost didn’t want to mention this so it takes you off balance as much as it did me, but for some people that’s a selling point. Anyway, trust me on this one. You make think it’s a silly little concept, but it’s actually a unique, entertaining mystery with some pretty scary moments. Log in and Skype away.

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