DEATHGASM!!!! Holy lord Deathgasm. I don’t even know where to start. I think my friend Brendan said it best when he told me, “If you, Jeff Dixon, saw this movie when you were 12 years old, it would be your favorite movie ever.” And you know what? He’s right on point. This is 12 year old Jeff’s wet dream. It has everything I loved (and still love). It has heavy metal, comedy, horror, metal, gore GALORE, Satan worshippers, and more METAL!!!! This is the metal obsession movie that I always wanted. If you are a lifelong metalhead like I am, all the references to bands that no one knew but my friends and I, will make you melt with joy. Cannibal Corpse, Cattle Mutilation, they even mention A.C.! (*Please, don’t ask me what A.C. stands for, because it’s about as awful as it gets. We used to listen to them in college and laugh our asses off.) Anyway, Deathgasm, or sorry, DEATHGASM (because as they say in the movie, lower case is for pussies) is what you get if you combine Peter Jackson’s Dead/Alive (or Brain Dead, for overseas fans), Evil Dead, and Tenacious D. And yes, it is as awesome as it sounds. The story is about a metalhead that never quite fits in and is picked on constantly in life. But it all changes when he finds some ancient sheet music known as “the black hymn” and plays it, summoning demons to take over the world. It’s super low budget, which makes all the effects even the more amazing. Plus, they are almost all practical gore effects. Practical! Sure there are some CGI kills here and there, but this thing was a labor of love and it shows. This is yet another amazing flick to come out of New Zealand, they are KILLING it lately. The comedy is sometimes a bit adolescent and stupid, and there are a few too many dick sight gags, but whatever. The 12 year old in all of us approves. It’s stupid, it’s insane, and it’s kind of brilliant. Most of all, it’s fun as shit. Just turn it up to 11 and give it a spin. Get ready to see more puking blood than you ever thought was humanly possible. IT’S SO METAL!!!!!

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