10/28/15 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #28 – The Invisible Man (1933).

Invisible Man

Yeah, I know I just barely posted a Universal Classic a few days ago with Frankenstein, but I just can’t help myself. My youngest daughter and I have been watching all of these during this Halloween season, and I honestly forgot how awesome this movie truly is. The Invisible Man is so good still today, but damn I wish I could have seen it back when it came out. The effects must have been truly mind-boggling. When he first takes off his bandages to show… nothing. Oh man, that must have made people faint. Although my personal favorite effect was the body-less pants sprinting down the street. By now, most know the story. A scientist working on an experiment finds a way to turn himself invisible, but he can’t figure out the antidote. The problem is that the longer he stays invisible, the crazier and more maniacal be becomes. Finally, he gets to such an insane state that he essentially becomes a serial killer. This is the fact that was lost on me when I saw this so long ago. I forgot that The Invisible Man actually kills hundreds of people in this movie! I mean honestly, 1933? This movie was downright aggressive. And to add insult to injury he usually laughs maniacally while doing it. The fact that you still find empathy for what has become such a horrific man is what’s so clever about this movie. In fact, that’s one of the highlights to almost all the Universal Classics. Watching this through the eyes of my 9 year old daughter was amazing. She was glued to the screen, and even when had to pause it to answer the phone, she rushed me to “hurry up” because she wanted to see what was going to happen. At the end, she looked at me with a pensive look on her face and said, “I had no idea The Invisible Man was going to be so sad.” It really affected her. Look, if a movie from 1933 can still affect a 9 year girl today, then mission accomplished. Universal does it again with another iconic flick.


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