10/27/15 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #27 – The Hallow (2015).

The Hallow

Yeah, I get to brag a little and say that awesome “I saw this at Sundance” line. So here goes, I saw this at Sundance… and it was awesome. I’m a sucker for creature features, especially creature features done RIGHT. This one is done freakin’ right. I knew I was in for something special when for some reason Edgar Wright came to the screening in Park City and introduced the film along with the director. Little did I know that they were childhood friends, but still it was cool to see that kind of support and backing by an amazing director in his own right. The Hallow is simple. A family moves into a severely isolated home in the Irish countryside. The dad works for a logging company testing the surrounding woods. But the locals don’t like them there. They say the woods are special; that they house ancient creatures; and no one should be meddling. The family stays the course, and well, let’s just say the locals kind of know what they’re talking about. There are creatures all right. Terrifying mysterious creatures. Oh, and the couple’s new baby is the target, which of COURSE ups the ante. The Hallow seems simple, but it’s so much more. First off, the suspense, especially in the first half, is palpable. There are numerous scenes that have you gripping your seat. But then it just goes from there, building entire mythologies, dancing into some body horror, and finally building to a place that most creature features don’t go – actually showing the creatures. And showing them in their entirety. Now granted, as per usual, the movie is much scarier when you don’t see the monsters, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t pretty fantastic when you do. The monsters are fantastic and almost all practical! All different kinds of xxxxxxx. (I’m not going to spoil it, now am I?) The compassions to The Descent are pretty spot on. While The Descent is a superior film, The Hallow still deserves a nice home in the “damn solid creature feature that is actually scary” category. Be aware, there are a few different movies called The Hallow, so make sure you look for the Irish one. As of this posting I think it’s a DirecTV exclusive right now, but it has a wide release soon. When it comes out, give it a watch on VOD. It’s a magically terrifying time.

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