10/26/15 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #26 – Dream Home (2010).

Dream Home

Okay, you want brutal? I’ll give you brutal… More brutal than you can even imagine. Today is for the hardcore. Today is for the true horror fanatics that don’t flinch in the face of something truly disturbing. We’re talking about the absolutely incredible Hong Kong flick, Dream Home (*Note, do NOT confuse this with Dream House, the American Daniel Craig movie.) Some of you in the film circles may have heard about this film, most notably because of its extreme violence (more on that in a second.) But the thing about Dream Home is that it is SO much more than just a run of the mill, torture porn, slasher flick. And that’s what makes this movie even more disturbing. Far too many times when a movie depicts stomach-turning violence on this level, it’s got a goofy, or somewhat “simple” storyline. Here, the film is actually telling a socially conscious story, rich with characters that you truly feel for. Dream Home is about a woman that grew up in a poor part of Hong Kong during the harbor property battles. All she ever wanted in life is an apartment with a harbor view, which the movie actually presents a convincing argument for. She works two jobs, saves every penny, all while taking care of her brother and sick father. She is the ultimate “pull yourself up by your bootstrings” protagonist that we as an audience are behind all the way. But here’s the thing, the first scene of the film we see her commit a wretched murder, but have no idea the context. What flows throughout the rest of the film are flashbacks divided by the real time story. At first it’s a bit disconcerting, but by the end of the film, all the timelines come together and everything is explained. It’s actually a genius technique. And this isn’t the only genius technique of this film. Every frame of this film is meticulous. You may be watching the most heinous shit on screen, but man is it stylized gorgeously. The craft behind this film only makes the violence more disturbing. And now, the violence… Everything you’ve heard is true. This may be one of the most shocking, sickening, disturbing, and truly jaw-dropping films you’ve ever seen. Forget Hostel, personally I think Dream Home has it beat. There were countless stories of people vomiting in the movie theaters, and when you watch you understand why. Some of the stuff you see will utterly blow your mind. It was even hard for me to watch. My stomach rumbled at a few points. It is so graphic, so violent, and so ruthless, you practically feel it. And yet even after all this, in some ways we still ROOT FOR THE KILLER! It’s such a conflicting emotional ride. Here’s the deal. I LOVE this movie, but I can not say this enough… Be warned. This is for the most hardened fans only. I mean it. But for those of you who can handle it, you are in for an experience you will never forget.

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