Deep Red

After seeing my friend Clay’s awesome Giallo killer costume the other night at horror trivia, it was the perfect reminder for me that I haven’t put enough Giallo on this list. Well, in honor of that costume, here’s one of the best from the master of Giallo himself, Dario Argento. This is Deep Red. Deep Red is one of those stylistic movies that if you saw it at an impressionable age, you’d be obsessed with every frame. In typical Argento visual style, every frame is stylized. It’s an awesome array of extreme close ups, wide shots that utilize the entire screen, and of course a whole bunch of inventively framed shots that make the inner photographer in all of us smile. But storywise it also has Argento’s trademark mystery, suspense, twist & turns, and of course his brutal, in your face, violence. It’s everything you’d ever want from a Giallo, including the leather gloves. Deep Red is about a musician that witnesses a murder of a famous psychic, and sets out on his own mission of curiosity to figure out who did it. Yes, there are some of Argento’s typical gaps of logic on display, but honestly it doesn’t matter in the least. This thing is a work of 70’s Italian wonder. The suspense is thick in so many of his scenes. The mystery is quite rich and fun. And the kills are pretty damn solid. I mean, let’s be honest, any scene featuring a giant meat cleaver-wielding maniac is going to rule regardless. Plus, all of the creepy kid stuff keeps you on your toes. From the opening flashback, to the weird toy mannequin that “attacks” someone, and of course the weird girl who tortures lizards (which sadly he actually did in one scene, to the anger of many animal cruelty groups). There are so many amazing touches in the music as well, from the creepy children’s song that plays before each kill, to the always incredible Goblin score. Deep Red is the movie Argento did right before most people say was his ultimate effort – Suspiria. But Deep Red is phenom all to itself. If you’re in the mood for nice juicy Italian Giallo, you’re welcome.


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