10/24/15 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #24 – Frankenstein (1931).


Yep. It’s time to go back to the classics. The Universal classics, baby. It’s time for Franken-freaking-stein, mother-effers. This is such a damn great movie. You know, we’re so used to these iconic creatures and established tropes, that you sometimes forget that they all started somewhere. Mary Shelley’s book was the inspiration, but so much of what we immediately link with Frankenstein’s monster come from this classic. The bolts in the neck, the sunken stare, and most importantly Boris FREAKIN’ Karloff… all right here. Watching Karloff’s performance is so much of the fun here. He’s childish, yet menacing. His confusion and learning process is soulful. It’s fun to watch a brand-new (unknown at the time) master at work. What’s fun about Frankenstein is that watching with modern eyes it’s still an amazing film, but if you try to put yourself in the eyes of a 1931 viewer, holy hell you can understand why this was so terrifying. A doctor that raids graves for body parts is bad enough. But then you have him sew all those pieces together into his own creation, and THEN put a criminal’s brain into it? That’s just fantastic. The set design on display here is so fun to look at. All the electric components in Dr. Frankenstein’s workshop, while typical by today’s standards, must have been an awe-inspiring sight. I know there really isn’t much more I can say about this movie that most people already know, but this is my yearly reminder to make sure and revisit those Universal classics. They’re much more than simple characters, or pieces of history. They’re full, rich films.

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