Yes, this is first and foremost a horror movie list. I get that these are usually scary movies for Halloween. But guess what, sometimes you need a comedy thrown in here and there. And one of the kings of horror/comedies is good old Joe Dante. I love The ‘Burbs. I just love it. It makes me laugh. It’s just so damn fun. Yeah, it’s pretty light on the actual “horror”, but the somewhat disturbing subject matter can be pretty horrifying to younger viewers. The story is about a group of suburbanites that live their boring lives in a cul-de-sac, until a new, isolated, and downright creepy family moves in on their block. They immediately think they’re cannibalistic devil worshipers, and set out to prove it. What follows is a hysterical look into the hysteria that can arise from boredom and living the dull suburban lifestyle. For me, this is Tom Hanks at his freakin’ peak. I’m a much bigger fan of zany 80’s comedy Tom Hanks than I am Academy Award winner serious Tom Hanks. They’re all good, don’t get me wrong, but here he’s so lively and just having so much fun with the role. And speaking of fun, that’s what Dante is having here. From the crazy zooming in and out for a punchline (Ray… this is Walter! Ahhh!!!!); to hilarious sight gags (the cute little matching ax in the head of Walter’s little dog kills me every time); to all his nods and homage’s to other horror movies like The Exorcist and Texas Chainsaw Massacre (well, Part 2, specifically). Dante is definitely at his most playful here. You can tell he’s just having a blast and it oozes out to the audience. Filled with genius actors from Bruce Dern to Carrie Fisher to Corey Feldman, this baby is jam packed with amazing one-liners and flat out fun, most of which is all horror tinged. Sure it may not be a super scary horror movie, but after yesterday’s terrifying pick (We Are Still Here), I felt I had to lighten things up a little. Just go have some twisted Dante horror comedy fun.


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