We are still here

Those of you looking for a new, truly scary movie, here it is. Simply put, We Are Still Here terrified the hell out of me. Now I should come out and admit that I’m a sucker for solidly placed jump scares. I’m not one of those ho-hum guys that doesn’t move in his seat. Nope, I go airborne. And parts of this film should be called “Jump Scare 101.” There are so many that my heart was beating 1000 miles an hour. But that does not mean that’s all this movie crutches on. Nope. The building suspense in certain scenes is downright perfection. It adds to the whole foreboding feeling in which you never know where one of “them” is going to be. Dark figures are seemingly always in the background, out of focus, fuzzy, silhouetted. The dread builds and builds so that when they do finally pop out for that aforementioned jump, it’s a beautiful peak to an already established dread. We Are Still Here is another in a long line of haunted house movies. The story is simple. Family moves in. Current otherworldly inhabitants are not pleased. Shit happens. But this one has a bit of a twist to it, one maybe I shouldn’t spoil here, but let’s just say it ventures slightly into Lovecraft territory a bit. What I really loved about this movie beyond it’s ability to scare the living shit out of you, is the visceral 70’s vibe to the whole thing. The way it’s filmed, the clothes, the town, the cars, everything; it feels straight 70’s. The entire aesthetic is washed out and feels like an older movie rather than a new one. And then, BAM, the “things” pop out and have an amazingly fresh look to them. Black, burnt, terrifying. The FX are amazing. Yes, some of the acting is a bit dodgy (although Barbara Crampton is fantastic as always), and some viewers may have a problem with the rather slow build (very 70’s), so it may not be a perfect movie to everyone. But dammit all to Hell if isn’t one of the scariest films to come out this year. It gets under your skin, fills you with dread, then SLAMS you upside the face with some shocking Fulci-esque gore. And yes, the director has stated that Fulci was an influence here. And it shows. The practical effects are fantastic. Watch it at night with the lights off, and don’t turn away, because “they” seem to be lurking in every doorway, reflection, and eventually right in your face. Enjoy sleeping after watching it.


One thought on “10/22/15 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #22 – We Are Still Here.

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