Crimson peak

Hot off the presses! Every year I try to pick one or two juicy horror films that are still in theaters. As much as I love my home viewing experiences, I still firmly believe in seeing films the way they were meant to be seen – on the big screen. My favorite place in the world to be is in a darkened theater, surrounded by likeminded fans, watching a great movie. And for gothic horror fans, you’ve got an enjoyable experience waiting for you in Crimson Peak. Take advantage of an R-rated, big budget horror film dammit! If you’re a fan of Guillermo Del Toro, you already know what you’re in for. This is Del Toro’s bread and butter. It’s a gorgeous, sumptuous, set designer’s wet dream. Don’t look for over the top scares, but rather a simple, moody, old school, and very old fashioned, horror flick. Well to be honest, it’s less actual “horror”, and more olde tyme “oogity-boogity”. Which is kind of fun and refreshing. The story is simple. The daughter of a wealthy businessman leaves everything she knows behind and travels from America to the UK with a man in which she fell in love. Upon arriving to the house that he shares with his creepy sister, the young woman starts seeing disturbing things, and must slowly unravel the mystery of Crimson Peak. The story isn’t reinventing anything, but rather in fact, almost on purpose retreading on some of the great haunted house flicks of the 50’s, mostly British ones like Hammer. But to be honest, this movie is less about the in’s and out’s of the story, and more about the visuals, the fantastic acting, the spectacle, the metaphors (which Del Toro LOVES), and the overall sensations and vibe of the film. Watching Del Toro work in his over-the-top deep red palette is like taking a wonderfully warm blood bath. He does with red liquid what Dario Argento does with red lighting. It’s just so luscious and rich. The visuals alone in this movie are worth a watch. The story and film alike are definitely more adult oriented, and something tells me that teenage viewers will be bored to tears. But screw them. This is for fans of old school gothic horror. It takes its time. It pulls you in. Yeah, the ghosts themselves are nothing too amazing (although still kinda cool), but to me it’s all about the setting of the house in which they inhabit. The nice touches of how it breathes, and of course bleeds, are amazing. And speaking of bleeding, the red palette is definitely what you come for. Just sit back and let it wash all over you. And lastly I do have to give credit to Del Toro for a few moments of resonate shocking violence that almost come out of nowhere. Where a lot of filmmakers would have gone the PG-13 route, he takes these few moments and goes right for the throat. It works for the story and makes you realize this isn’t child’s play. Crimson Peak may not for everyone, but if you’re looking for a gorgeous, old-school, haunted house flick, I think it’s definitely worthy of a big screen view.


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