Troll Hunter

As you know sometimes I pick movies that maybe aren’t 100% horror. Sometime they’re flicks with horror elements, or horror hybrids. That’s where this Norwegian blast of a movie falls. It’s not pure horror, it’s got comedy, fantasy, and is a hybrid of a bunch of different genres. Yet there are some fantastic horror elements, trust me. You simply have to see it to believe it. Oh, Troll Hunter. You’re just such a jolly good time. Okay fine, so I picked two found footage movies in a row (yesterday I picked The Taking of Deborah Logan.) Sue me. But dammit, I just felt like putting Troll Hunter on here for some reason today. Why? Because it’s just so much fun! Troll Hunter is another fake documentary done by college students, but this time it’s surrounding an investigation into a string of bear attacks. But guess what folks, there’s much more to it… There are trolls! Big, giant, smelly trolls. Each one bigger than the next. And just wait until you get to the third act (not too much of a spoiler since it’s on the poster.) And man, the trolls look incredible. The effects here are top notch, and that just adds to the overall believability of a completely unbelievable story. They really delve deep into the troll mythology, speak about specific details, and even flesh out an entire government agency that deals with them. That’s where Hans the Troll Hunter comes in! Just wait until you hear his warning scream of, “TROLL!” Holy shit I laughed so hard. The creativity and the imagination of the filmmakers make me want to do a dramatic slow clap. Now, I have heard that many of the details (and some inside jokes) are lost on anyone who is not Norwegian. But as an American, I didn’t care. I loved it all the same. In fact, it makes you want to immediately travel to Norway. It looks beyond gorgeous, even with the giant man-eating trolls. Anyway, I remember seeing this at the midnight screening at Sundance many years back and having the most fun of any movie I saw that year. Whether the years of talk about a rumored American remake helmed by Neil Marshall (the Descent) ever happens, we’ll have to see. But it doesn’t matter, we still have the original. Yes, it’s not pure horror, but it’s horror enough. And it’s just a ton of fun.


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