10/13/15 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATIONS #13 – Friday the 13th (1980 Original).

friday the 13th

I know it’s not Friday today, but it is October 13th. I feel like it’s finally time I mark that lovely numbered occasion on this list. Yeah, today’s recommendation is a serious no-brainer. I know that after 6 years of doing these lists, it seems weird that I’m only putting this one on now. In fact, up until now I’ve only put up one Friday the 13th film, Part 2. But trust me, I do this on purpose. I try to save some of the no-brainers every single year so that I don’t burn them all up front. I’ve got more saved up too… But today it’s time for one of them. It’s time for Friday the goddamn 13th. What honestly could I say about this movie that hasn’t already been said? It terrified me as a kid. Hell, it terrified everyone in 1980. It was a game changer. The huge success of it (and of course, Halloween) helped bring on a deluge of slasher copycats, not to mention it’s own countless sequels (and remake, blech.) Although, in all fairness, there is a valid argument to be made that some of Friday the 13th itself is a bit of a copycat, in that Sean Cunningham “borrowed” some bits from the incredible Mario Bava movie, Bay of Blood. But that’s way too horror geek of a conversation for right now. Back to Friday the 13th. Look, do I really have to summarize this movie? If you don’t know about this film by now then please come out from your weird cave (I’m looking at you Provo, Utah.) Fine. Here. Camp Crystal Lake is a summer camp that is being reopened after it closed down following a horrible accident where a child drowned in the lake. His name was Jason… Now a bunch of camp counselors are being murdered one by one. But why? Who is doing it? (Oh come on, you already know, everyone’s seen the opening of Scream.) So there you go. Again, I could go on for an eterity about this movie, but I simply don’t have the time and you probably know it all already. It’s not perfect, and even a little slow in parts, but it’s required viewing for anyone interested in the history of film trends. It’s referenced everywhere. It’s got some amazing kills (Tom Savini specials). It’s got Kevin Bacon. It’s got amazing sound design. And it’s got a spectacular ending. Since most of you have already seen it, this is just a reminder to watch it again. To those of you who haven’t, kick yourself in the shins. Then watch it.


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