I dug Honeymoon. Much like a movie I wrote about only a few days ago, In Fear, Honeymoon is another great example of extremely simple filmmaking. And by simple, I also very much mean “cost-effective.” Lately, most people interested in investing in horror movies seem to only be focusing on making micro, micro, MICRO-budgeted ones. The budgets keep getting tinier in order to try and get the most bang for their buck. The aspects that go hand in hand with this mentality are usually pared down stories, minimal characters, and minimal locations. Many times when these confining parameters are what you’re given, the movies are hindered and come out pretty “meh.” Well, Honeymoon is an example of one that works. And it works really well because it doesn’t require a bigger budget. In fact, if there were a bigger budget, I think you’d lose a lot of the personal touch and intimate feel of the film. The story follows a recently married couple that goes on their honeymoon up to an isolated home in the mountains (that setup never seems to work out well. When will people learn?) Soon after being there, the wife starts acting stranger and stranger. She seems to be on a downward spiral of some kind, and the husband is simply trying to figure it all out. From here it is all one giant mystery of what is going on, and what on Earth is happening. Since these questions are the point of the entire film, I won’t ruin any surprises here. But needless to say it’s a slow burn that if you can make it through the slower pace, you will be rewarded with an extremely interesting and fantastic reveal. This film is the ultimate in “pulling back”, because they want things revealed slowly. And I freaking love that method of storytelling, so it worked really well for me. There are only four characters in the whole film. But the centerpiece of this film is the wife, played by Rose Leslie, the red-headed Wildling from Game of Thrones (“you know nothing, Jon Snow.”) She is so fascinating to watch, and so vulnerable and terrifying at the same time, that she holds everything together. Honeymoon is a nice slow burn. Enjoy it.


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