10/11/15 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #11 – What We Do In the Shadows.

What we do

Sometimes when you’ve watched a million twisted movies, even the most hardened horror fanatic needs a little reprieve every once in a while. And sometimes a solid comedy is the perfect cure. Even better, a solid horror comedy. That way you’re still at least staying in the horror genre. Now, comedy opinions vary from person to person almost more than horror opinions, so I know damn well that what I find funny may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But let me just say this… What We Do In the Shadows is so much fun, and made me laugh so damn hard, it’s kind of ridiculous. I feel like so much of it was tailor made for me. This is dark, perfectly pitched, extremely dry, horror-based comedy at its finest. It’s from New Zealand, and even from some of the same guys who brought you Flight of the Conchords. If you loved that amazing HBO show, you will love this one. The story is another mockumentary, very much in the Christopher Guest style, where cameras follow around a small group of vampires that all live together. It’s very much like The Office, only with a lot more blood gags. What’s a stroke of genius is that each of the different vampires are from a slightly different time period and thus each have their own style. There’s even an awesome ancient Nosferatu one that lives in the basement, and hell, even in a comedy he’s kind of terrifying. It shows as they all deal with their normal routines (chore wheel!), their search for nightlife (which provides my favorite gag in the entire movie), and of course how they choose victims, because they must feed after all. By the end you will simply love every character. Almost as much as they all love Stu! God bless Stu. Sorry, you’ll get that after you watch. Anyway, this is such a lovely little gem of a movie. It’s very independent (it played at Sundance) and has a VERY New Zealand sense of humor. Although, even if this style of humor isn’t quite your taste, I guarantee you’ll be grinning the entire time. And because it’s all lovingly in the horror universe, it’s still a wonderful movie for Halloween.


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