10/10/15 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #10 – The Horde (2009).


I wanted to pick more of a down and dirty film today. The Horde is the epitome of down and dirty. Nigerian gangs? Check. Crooked cops? Check. Badass zombies? Checkmate. The Horde is insane. The story starts with a gang war taking place in a rundown building that is interrupted by a horde of insane zombies. And it just goes from there. It’s got a touch of Attack the Block, but without the humor. But even with the bleakness, this French flick is still just good old fashioned, balls-out fun. Much like a few of the other faster moving zombie flicks like 28 Days Later or the Dawn of the Dead remake, this is almost more action than horror. But the mix here is just so constant, and so violent, and so insane, that it becomes a fire unto itself. I’ve mentioned in the past that I love the recent wave of French horror films, and this is another good example why. There is a brutality here that is palpable. Whether it’s from the gangsters, the cops, or most especially the zombies, the brutality level is simply turned up to 11. There are fistfights, yes fistfights, between the characters and the zombies that are so visceral and so intense, it’s just awesome. There really aren’t any likable characters here. Everyone is bleak and pretty awful; so don’t look for anyone to really get behind. But hey, it mirrors the situational outlook they all find themselves in, so it all kind of fits. It’s bleak. It’s violent. It’s gory as hell. It’s the apocalypse! So just dig in and go along for the ride. As a sidenote, I own a t-shirt that has an iconic frame of one of the climactic scenes from this movie, and every once in a while someone recognizes it. That makes my day. It’s underrated in the zombie echelon, so anyone who acknowledges it simply makes me happy.

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