In fear

Do not confuse In Fear with yesterday’s pick, It Follows. I actually put these two movies on back-to-back days on purpose so that I could point out their similar sounding names, and hammer home that they are different films. Sure they sound alike, and the names look alike, but they should each be appreciated on their own. In Fear is simplicity at its finest. Short, sweet, and to the point. The entire film circles around only three characters (and mostly it’s just two.) And yet, that’s what makes the film work for me. It is pure visceral filmmaking at the most stripped down level. The premise is as basic as it gets. A couple driving through the isolated UK countryside, gets lost and can’t find their way out of some woods. Roads suddenly are blocked. Signs don’t seem to help; in fact, they seem to be changing… Confusion gets stacked on confusion. Soon after you discover that someone else is to blame for their getting lost, and actively starts tormenting them. And when I mean tormenting them, I really mean tormenting them… relentlessly. What is really happening? Why is this happening? Who would be doing this? What would YOU do in this situation? It’s so basic it almost seems silly on paper – two people in a car being tormented for 90 minutes. But trust me, it is so suspenseful, and so unyielding, that you find your breathing getting heavier and heavier with each passing minute. This movie is psychological suspense incarnate. It works because of the amazing direction, the creepy and skilled cinematography, and of course because of the actors. In fact, they hold this film together like the glue it needs. You feel every bit of their fear. In Fear doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but at a running time of less than 90 minutes, it’s a crash course in awesome simple suspense. It’s worth it, so enjoy and go for a fun scary ride through the Irish countryside.


One thought on “10/8/15 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #8 – In Fear.

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