It follows

I can’t even explain how much I loved It Follows. Listen to me… I LOVED It Follows. Every year there’s usually a movie that simply blows each one of us away, and this was that movie for me this year. It Follows was like a damn breath of fresh air, not necessarily because of content, but rather because of execution and style. I know there are a lot of naysayers out there. I’ve heard the arguments about the “rules”, especially during the pool sequence, and as well as the confusion about what time period the movie is supposed to actually be set in. But to me, none of these things hurt the film at all. In fact, they only add to the overall experience. The premise of It Follows is incredibly simple. There is a curse/spirit that passes from person to person through… (gasp) sex. The only way you are able to see “It” is if you have sex with a person that already saw “It”. They pass it on to you like a game of sexual tag. Then “It” comes after you. It is relentless. It is constant. There is no rest. It can be anyone. It can be anywhere. It moves slowly, but never wavers. It will drive you insane. It will not stop until it kills you. The only choice you have is to die, or pass the curse on to someone else. You do this by, well, having sex with who you know will be the next victim. This is why many of us nicknamed this movie STD – Sexually Transmitted Demon. But that trite name dismisses how incredible the style and execution of this film really is. This film oozes style. It oozes suspense. At times, it feels like something you’ve never seen before. You can’t turn away. Everything about it feels both universal and completely original. It’s difficult to explain. I find myself having a hard time putting into words exactly how and why I loved this movie, but I just did. Seeing this film at Sundance this past year was an overall experience I will never forget. There are so many amazing out of focus, Carpenter-esque, “approaching shots”. Plus, it has quite possibly one of the most disturbing scares I’ve seen in a film in ages. I honestly felt so much dread inside at this one scene, I thought I actually had died momentarily. And you can’t talk about It Follows without talking about the music. The music is utterly phenomenal. It simply wouldn’t be what it is without the incredible score. Synth dread at its finest. Look, stop reading, and do whatever you can to go watch It Follows. It really is worth all the hype.


2 thoughts on “10/7/15 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #7 – It Follows.

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