I love picks that divide people. And Oculus is a recent release that definitely divides people in my horror community. My friend Casey will be very upset with me for this pick, but I still stand by it. No, it’s not a perfect movie, but there’s something about it I really liked. After I explain, maybe you’ll understand why. Oculus is an interesting small independent horror film – small being the key word. If you know going in that you’re going to be watching more of a slower paced, cerebral mystery instead of a frenetic horror slaughterfest, you’ll be better off. At first when you’re watching the opening credits and you see WWE Films as a producer, you may go, “whaaaaa, cerebral?” But trust me, there are no wrestlers in it, and it actually has a unique style that doesn’t pander to the viewer. Oculus is about a mirror. A big creepy mirror that just maybe kills people. It opens with a young man being released by a mental institution and his sister picking him up. They both have a tortured past where their parents died in horrific fashion, and the son was the one who actually killed his own father (hence the incarceration.) But now that he’s “rehabilitated”, and claims that everything that happened in the past was his imagination, his sister is here to prove to him that it wasn’t his imagination at all. The mirror did kill his parents, and she’s now going to destroy the mirror once and for all. But she needs his help. It’s her OVER-preparation that is actually one of the more fun things about this movie. It seems as if she thought of everything, but no matter how much she prepares for the mirror and what she thinks it’s going to do, you just know in the back of your head it isn’t enough. You don’t know exactly how the mirror will win in the end, but you just know. And that’s one of the strongest points. But to me, what I really liked about this movie is the style. It’s told in two different time periods. It flashes back and forth between the parents, and what happened to the two main characters as children; and then to the modern day, and what’s happening to them in real time. And eventually, not to ruin things, but the two time periods start to mesh together in a strange amalgamation that I found quite unique. This is what drew me to this movie. It seemed like the obvious choice to just go simple killer mirror, and yet, they didn’t choose the obvious choice. They went in a much more original direction, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. All in all, it’s pretty original, it has a few good scares (the lightbulb biting, ugh), and the unique style is one to commend. Enjoy yourself some Oculus. It’s an interesting little ditty.


One thought on “10/6/15 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #6 – Oculus.

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