Did you love the Ethan Hawke/Julie Delpy romance Before Sunrise, but always thought it would have been much better if it had a disturbing horror element added to it? Boy, then have I got the movie for you. I love Spring. Mainly because it feels like no other horror movie out there right now. This uniqueness, along with its strong character development, sets it apart from everything else you’ve seen recently. The premise of Spring is simple. After the death of his mother, and a few difficult ensuing events, a man leaves the country in order to escape and clear his head. After travelling Europe a bit, he meets an intoxicating woman in Italy that takes his breath away. Because of her, he decides to stay a while. This budding romance, his focused pursuit of her, her strange flipping between interest and avoidance of him, all adds up to a masterfully crafted experience. You find yourself SO invested in these characters. And when answers slowly start to be revealed, it really shocks you, because, trust me, you definitely weren’t expecting it to go certain directions. It has a few of the strangest scenes you will ever see in what is essentially a romance/horror hybrid. Spring is the brainchild of Benson and Moorhead, two guys quickly making a name for themselves. They made another movie I loved that I wrote about last year called Resolution. Their writing is authentic and real. The acting is as raw and emotion filled as it gets, even when things get… really weird. The direction and cinematography is beautiful. The sweeping drone shots of this breathtaking Italian coastal town just put you right in the location. Trust me, even with the craziness involved here, you’ll want to book a ticket to this place asap. As usual, I won’t spoil any surprises, but trust me when I say that Spring is one of the most unique horror experiences you’ll have. I don’t normally recommend romances, but I guess there’s a first for everything.


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