NOTE: I always have my first few posts pre-written up the previous weeks in order to help me get a head start on this process every year. Knowing that my post on Demons was actually written up more than a week ago, imagine my shock/surprise when I saw an insanely similar post on io9 from two days ago about Demons as well (http://io9.com/kick-off-halloween-season-by-re-watching-the-italian-1734124763). It was amazing to see the similarities in what we wrote. And strangest yet, I even took the exact screenshot of the bands in the opening credits for my article (which I have since taken out). It is sometimes jaw-dropping when two things enter the ether at the exact same time like this. I hold a kinship with the writer of that article instantly. Bless them. Anyway, what follows is MY post that I wrote last week. Crazy.


Oh man, Demons. Demons is utter madness. Everything about it. Madness. Pure, 80’s, Punk, Italian, madness. And it’s for this reason that I love it so much. And I should say right up front (as if you wouldn’t know), as per typical of this type of movie, Demons is not for everybody. It is a disgusting gorefest with horrific acting that quite possibly could put a lesser person into some kind of seizure due to its frenetic nature. Directed by Mario Bava’s son, and written and produced by none other than the master Dario Argento, this baby has Italian pedigree written all over it. It even has the Italian signature dubbing of English over English, but somehow that all just adds to the package. This thing is insane. Honestly, don’t try to make heads nor tails of the story, or so many things that happen during the course of this movie. For instance, what the HELL was that weird hidden room behind the stage that drips goo? They never explain it. Why did that helicopter crash down? And where the HELL did it come from? Why is Coca-Cola so prevalently featured? Did Coke pay them a ton of money to be featured in a really negative way? There are honestly endless questions you’ll find yourself asking. But again, it all just adds to the experience! Demons is basically about a random group of people that all get a free ticket to see a mysterious movie, and of course they all show up. Then when they do, in a very meta way, they realize that what’s happening in the movie starts to happen to the patrons in the theater. They’re all turning into demons! Because… well… Nostradamus… and this mask… and honestly, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that this movie is FILLED with gore. It is disgusting and gross. It’s got way too much green pus for my liking. But tons of sharp teeth, long claws, and blood galore. Plus, you can really see some of Dario’s influence here with the saturating deep red and blue color schemes, which I’ve mentioned before when talking about Suspiria. And I’ve saved the best for last – the music. Oh man, the music. Epic. From Billy Idol to Scorpions. From Motley Crue to… yep, Rick Springfield. This movie is 80’s alive! If you’re not turned away by extreme gore, some of the best the 80’s could deliver, and you’re looking to drive part of yourself insane, give Demons a roll. For the true horror freaks out there, this one is a classic.


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