Okay, back to business… The business of Horror.

I can’t believe this is my 6th year doing this. Crazy.

Much like last time, I wanted to start my yearly list off with a little introduction. To those new to these recommendations, it’s pretty damn self-explanatory.

Every day in October I give you a horror movie I enjoy. Simple. Some of my choices will be your cup of tea. Many, many will not. At all. Like seriously, at all. My taste is kind of all over the place.

This list started very simply — as a method to give friends options whenever they asked me for a scary movie to watch during Halloween. You have NO IDEA how many times a horror writer gets asked for horror movie recommendations. And guess what? Every single time someone asks, I LOVE IT. I love to spread the word. Plus, horror must always grow. It needs to feed. So slowly over the years, this list has grown bigger and bigger. It’s like my own little Akira monster.

As usual, in my picks there will be a mix of classics, new releases, and everything in between. Follow me and I guarantee I’ll show you at least ONE movie you’ll dig. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get at least one more person to watch Martyrs (an obsession of mine.)

Listen to me… watch Martyrs. It’s such a unique experience.

But until you finally get the balls to watch that insane French flick that will alter your life, enjoy my 2015 picks. I’ll be sure to let you down with many of them, but not all of them. That’s something, right?

I only ask that you please let me know when you agree with my choices, or (much more entertaining) when you don’t. Just be sure and tell me why. I love to hear the different opinions from all over the globe.

Let the horror viewing BEGIN.

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