10/28/14 – 2014 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #28 – The House on Sorority Row.

House on sorority row

Here’s another gem from the 80’s. Sorry, I just can’t help myself; I effing love this decade. And once again, The House on Sorority Row is pitch-perfect 80’s. Like most of these wonderful slashers, this flick once again features a bevy of lovely ladies being stalked by a mysterious killer, taking them out in interesting ways. It even takes place in a sorority house, much like Black Christmas (which I wrote about just a few weeks ago.) The setup is a tried and true horror trope – a prank gone wrong, and death ensues. Here, the girls of Theta Pi accidentally kill their mean and surly house mother during a botched prank, but then instead of contacting the police, they try to hide her body instead. Yeah, that never works. And of course their house throws a big party that same night. Yep, wouldn’t you know it, during the party her body seems to disappear and now someone armed with the house mother’s trademark pointed cane is revenge killing them all. But who is it? Is the house mother still alive? Is it someone who saw them kill her? Is it a partygoer? Is it one of their own sorority? It’s just good times. And man, just when you thought you’d seen enough pointed cane deaths, you’ll get more. Even a good eyeball one. Gotta love the pointed cane, it’s actually a clever trademark weapon. But it doesn’t stop there, there’s quite a bit of interesting kill scenes in this movie. But what made this movie stand out a bit to me is the finale. The final 15 minutes or so, where you figure out what’s going on, and why, is so twisted, and just so… 80’s! I don’t want to ruin anything for you, but there are some hallucinogenic drugs involved, and well, let’s just say after this, you won’t look at a Jack in the Box the same way ever again. I just loved it so much. Anyway, The House of Sorority Row doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but dammit if it isn’t a fine, top notch, entertaining wheel, crafted completely from delightfully wonderful 80’s materials. Dig in to this one.

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