I’m here to give this long underrated sci-fi horror sequel some love. Before Seven, The Game, Fight Club, or his latest hit Gone Girl, David Fincher’s debut feature was this dark and dirty beast of a flick. Like much of his work, this movie is desolate, dreary, and did I say dark? Well it is. Super dark. Now, it’s a bit difficult for me to talk in any way negative about any Alien films because they are my all time favorite film franchise, but I will at least mention some of this movie’s criticism. I understand the anger at the reboot of this story. *minor spoiler from a movie that came out in 1992* But to start a film off with killing everyone that fought so heroically to survive at the end of Aliens is a difficult pill to swallow. Hicks is dead. Newt is dead. Bishop is in pieces. Only Ripley survived. And well, even she’s… changed. I understand it’s a bit slower with more drama. And the ending left some people… upset. But screw all that. Here’s the deal. That’s what’s wonderful about this franchise. Each and every film has a different feel, vibe, tone, and scope. They are truly their directors’ films. And here, David Fincher wanted to make a dark prison movie with a runaway beast at the core of it. That didn’t sit well with a lot of people, especially after the more action-focused Aliens. But if you can accept the slower, more methodical tone of this prison drama/horror hybrid, it can be a really pleasure to experience. The fact that Ripley crash landed on a prison plant, only inhabited by men, and criminals at that, is just as foreboding as the beast that lurking in the shadows. I found this overall setting of dread insanely cool and interesting. Many things about this film are unique in the Alien universe. Even the alien itself, since it burst out of a dog this time instead of a human, looks and maneuvers differently. It’s stealthier, sleeker, and faster. Some of the most creative camerawork of this film comes when you’re supposedly looking from the POV of the Alien itself during a chase, and it runs along the sides of the walls and even on the ceiling. It’s clever and really cool. The acting is amazing, I mean, Sigourney… she’s perfect. But special kudos should also go to the two Charles — Charles Dance (from Game of Thrones), and Charles S. Dutton. They, along with all the other prisoners are perfect in this film. Look, most of you have already seen this movie and have your own opinion about it, but I’m here to say give it another chance. Look at it through the David Fincher lens and you’ll see it in a whole new light.

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