10/21/14 – 2014 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #21 – Maniac (2012).

Maniac remake

Prepare yourself. Today’s an extreme one. Saying it’s NOT for everyone doesn’t give it justice. You’ve been warned. But for those looking for a truly brutal, original, and exhilarating psychological horror experience, you can’t go wrong with Maniac. Those in the horror circles know all about William Lustig’s brutal 1980 grindhouse slasher film, Maniac. But outside of that group, I think it’s safe to say that most are not that familiar with that flick at all. Which is why it was an interesting choice when Elijah Wood signed on for this equally cruel, and at times vile, remake. But I’m here to say that in my humble opinion, this is one of those rare times where the remake far surpasses the original. Yes. A remake that’s better! It actually can happen. Mainly because this remake doesn’t just manage a shot for shot redo, but rather takes the ideas contained in the first film and expands and twists them in their own original way. The biggest and most unique change is that the entire movie is shot in first person perspective. It’s completely from the POV of Elijah Wood’s title killer (with a few exceptions, but those moments are only for psychological effect). This is why this film is so disturbing. We’re living and experiencing everything the killer does. His BRUTAL kills. His migraine headaches. His hallucinations. It’s haunting and so disturbing you can’t even believe. The story is about a isolated man who works in a mannequin factory. After a childhood of mental abuse he’s left with serious mommy issues and a need to “create” new mommies out of his mannequins and the torn scalps of his women victims. It’s seriously depraved stuff. And when I say it’s violent… hear my words… It’s VIOLENT. The scalpings themselves are so realistic I found myself with a turned stomach on more than a few occasions. If you ever wanted to spend 90 minutes in the head of a killer, here’s your chance. Like I said, you’ve been warned.

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