I love minimalist horror movies, especially ones with a sci-fi flair. And you don’t really get much more minimalist than Cube. Cube is basically about a group of people that wake up in a maze-like structure filled with deadly traps that need to figure out how to escape. But they also need to figure out why they were put there in the first place. Each person has a specific skill (and personality to match), and the fun derides from both figuring out the maze and its traps, as well as figuring out who exactly these people are. Because no one is who they initially seem. It’s just a really inventive mind-bender, and a lot of fun. I have a personal connection to this movie because I saw it at a midnight premiere screening at Sundance back in 1998. After I was blown away by how inventive the film was, I got to hear the filmmakers do a Q&A afterward and my mind was blown even further. To think that there was only one full set created for this movie, as well as one partial set of a wall, and that’s it. When you see the film, there’s an infinite vastness to it that makes you feel both claustrophobic and lost in enormity at the same time. Not an easy feat. But when you realize that this infinite sensation was done by using simply 1 and ½ sets, and only changing the lighting to make each one seem like a different room, you have even more respect for the film. Directed by Vincenzo Natali, who is known for his twisted mind-benders, this is one amazing horrific sci-fi ride. Don’t worry about the countless sequels it spawned. Focus here on numero uno. And enjoy figuring it all out.


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