10/14/14 – 2014 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #14 – Black Christmas (1974).

Black Christmas

There are officially 71 days until Christmas. But there are only 16 days until Halloween. Actually, the fact that it’s Christmas in the film is minimal, so you can watch this baby any time of the year. But trust me, Halloween is the perfect time for a viewing. The reason is, quite frankly, John Carpenter’s Halloween owes a lot to this film. Black Christmas came out in 1974; Halloween in 1978. Watch both films and compare. There are a lot of similarities, specifically, the first person perspective of the killer… look a tad familiar? I’m not hating on Halloween by any means, that movie is an absolute gem, but I am saying that Black Christmas doesn’t get the just due it deserves. This film is really a phenomenal thriller. Taking place during Christmas break, this is the story of a sorority that is stalked by a mysterious crank caller named “Billy” (as well as a few of his other “voices.”) Remember when you could crank call, pre-caller ID? Good times. But soon the crank calls escalate, and well, the girls are meticulously killed one by one. That’s quite an escalation. There are some fantastic and memorable death scenes for sure – the bag death is probably the most famous (hell, it was on many of the promo materials when this film first was released), but personally I’m a fan of the unicorn death. It’s just so giallo and awesome. There are a few memorable things about this movie as well. One is the major reveal/twist at the end. I won’t ruin it for you, but once you see it, you’ll realize that you’ve heard this line your entire life, and probably didn’t realize that this is where it happened first. Next, this movie is directed by the late, great Bob Clark. Bob Clark is Mr. Christmas for me because he hit both ends of the holiday film spectrum. He directed Black Christmas AND A Christmas Story. Now that’s range. Yep, the same guy who brought you the Red Ryder BB gun, also brought you hook impalements and brutal suffocation. Do yourself a favor and give Black Christmas its due, and enjoy it during Halloween. It just feels right.

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