10/7/14 – 2014 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #7 – Lovely Molly.

Lovely Molly

A lot of the recommendations I’ve started with this year are more minimalist horror films. There’s a reason for that. Quite often I feel horror works better on a smaller scale. There’s something more personal and creepy about a lesser budgeted film with a condensed cast and only a few locations. It keeps the filmmakers focused on telling a more human story that, when it works, can really get under your skin. Lovely Molly is a perfect example of a “get under your skin”, psychological, and atmospheric type of horror film. Brought to you by one of the Blair Witch directors, this is a wonderful, small scale, human horror story. This is the tale of Molly, a newly married woman that moves into her childhood home after both of her parents have died. Her husband, a truck driver, is always gone, leaving Molly alone. Well, a solitary Molly in this old house filled with repressed memories is not necessarily a super duper idea. Things come to the surface, and well, Molly slowly starts to unravel. She starts seeing things… Hearing things… We discover a past of abuse. We also find out that she’s an ex-drug addict and well, her old habits rise up. As things continue to escalate, the audience is forced to question what’s going on. Is she going crazy? Are these things really happening? Are there vengeful spirits torturing her, or is this all just a by-product of her drug use? That’s the kind of unnerving movie Lovely Molly is. It does not spoon feed you answers. In fact, even all the way up until the ending (which divides people, but personally I loved it), nothing is firmly spelled out to the audience. It’s an atmospheric “slow burn” type of horror film. It’s not flashy and gore-riddled, but rather goes for the creepy factor, and completely psychological. It actually forces you to question what you’re watching. And the actress who plays Molly is absolutely fantastic as we truly believe we’re witnessing a women unraveling. For the right audience that appreciates more of a slow paced, psychological, and more ambiguous, horror film, this will be right up your alley.


One thought on “10/7/14 – 2014 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #7 – Lovely Molly.

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