10/5/14 – 2014 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #5 – Tombs of the Blind Dead.

Tombs of the Blind Dead

Time to wallow in some amazing 70’s Spanish Eurotrash horror. Today’s pick is dedicated to my friend Ryan Doman, who is obsessed with all kinds of 70’s horror. Tombs of the Blind Dead is one of his favorites, and if you obsess over 70’s horror, it’s easy to understand why. Many of the 70’s European horror movies, especially in Spain and Italy, were more dedicated to atmosphere and mood than they were with actually delivering, well, what we consider coherent stories, and well-rounded characters. But let’s not nitpick on the shortcomings we already know exist when delving into any exploitation pick—and let there be no doubt, this is definitely an exploitation pick, but more on that later—let’s focus on what makes this flick awesome. First and foremost, let’s be honest, this baby is all about goddamn “Blind Dead” themselves. These monsters in question were 13th century evil knights templar that were obsessed with eternal life (aren’t all templars?), and committed horrible blood rituals and sacrifices to attain it. When discovered, they were put to death for these deeds and their bodies left out for crows to pick out their eyes (hence the blind part.) Well, guess what? They sure attained eternal life, but only as undead zombies that must now come to life in order to eat/drink human victims to stay alive. There’s always a rub, isn’t there? Well, fast forward to “modern” day (remember this is early 70’s), and fill the film with a few idiots, er, I mean characters that somehow stumble on to the cursed monastery, and blammo, we’ve got more Blind Dead coming to life. Oh man, and when they come to life it’s so awesome. They look AMAZING. The costume design, the lighting, the way they move so slowly, and of course their awesome zombie horses they ride on. They hunt so methodically it just makes me smile every time. Now more on the exploitation film aspect. If you’re familiar at all with 70’s Eurotrash horror, you know what to expect. In addition to the typical T&A, and moments of violence, for some ridiculous reason, there’s always a bizarrely nonchalant rape scene. So prepare for that. It’s always offputting to me, so I figured I’d mention it. Anyway, expect awesome atmosphere, amazing lighting (especially in the fantastic mannequin workshop scene), and my favorite character of the entire movie, the weirdo coroner. It’s slow, it’s bizarre, it’s Eurotrash. It’s pretty sweet.


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