10/2/14 – 2014 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #2 – Night of the Creeps.

Night of the Creeps

Oh, sweet, sweet mid-80’s. Juicy, delicious mid-80’s. How much do I love thee? I mean, the 80’s in general are a thing of bliss, but those mid-80’s, oh man… those are just the sweetest nectar of all. And Night of the Creeps is pretty much as pure of a representation of those sweet mid-80’s as anything out there. It is chock full of cheese – cheesy characters, cheesy dialogue, cheesy situations. And what I truly loved about those mid-80’s is they had no fear to just go for it. I mean the entire opening of this movie takes place on a spaceship with little dwarf space aliens doing battle, and then they pretty much never show up again (until a brief glimpse of the ship at the end.) The filmmakers don’t care how insane of an opening it is. They just went for it anyway. The premise of this movie is basically that an alien capsule lands on Earth full of some kind of alien experiment. When it is discovered by a college guy (that obviously goes to check it out alone), a weird space slug launches into his mouth and immediately takes over his brain. Fast forward a bunch of years to a college campus. It’s frat week. There are nerds. There are mean frat jocks. There’s a police detective with the worst catch phrase ever. There’s a weird subplot about an axe killer that may have “disappeared.” There are cryogenics. There’s even a prank where they have to steal a dead body from the morgue. Yeah. And that’s just the first act. It’s just so glorious. I’ll let you experience it from here, but all I have to say is wait until the 3rd act. If you’ve ever clamored for an insane amount of exploding zombie heads filled with space slugs, then boy is this the film for you.

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