Kill List

Let’s start 2014 out with a bang – a very interesting, bizarre, haunting, and disturbing, bang. As much as I love talking about films that people know and love, most true horror fiends’ real passion comes from discovering, and thus helping others discover, amazing films that you maybe haven’t heard of. There are plenty of incredible movies out there that simply passed you by for one reason or another. Kill List is one of those for a lot of people, but gratefully it’s also quickly gaining a cult following. There’s a reason why, but I don’t really want to tell you. In fact, that sentiment carries on as a whole. As much as I want to tell you all about this film, I actually don’t want to tell you a damn thing. That’s because it’s one of those flicks where if you go in with too much information, it diminishes the results for the viewer. Similar to a few other mind benders out there (I won’t mention names because even comparisons might give too much away), figuring out what this film is about (or what you THINK it’s about) is the entire point of the experience. Anyway, Kill List is about a down and out hitman that has essentially lost his touch, his confidence, and close to losing his relationship with his wife as well. Everything seems to be collapsing down on him until his friend shows up and presents a new opportunity. All he has to do is another job, and he’ll get a lot of money, and potentially his “groove” back. Well, that’s pretty much all I’m going to tell you. Trust me, you don’t want me to tell you any more. My only forewarning is that it may seem FAR from a horror film at first. Bickering couples. Drunk hitmen. A very slow burn. But just wait. Let it build. And enjoy all the way until the very end. Cheers.



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