Lost Boys

Yep, another 80’s horror movie. I’m sorry, I can’t help myself. But come on, this is The Lost Boys here. This is Peter Freakin’ Pan for the horror crowd. This movie is what Twilight WISHES it could be. This is teen vampire angst done right. The storyline follows a newly divorced mother and her two sons moving into a new beach town looking for a fresh start. Unfortunately for them, this new town, which is dubbed “the murder capital of the world”, just happens to be crawling with vampires. There are so many things to love about this movie that it’s pretty difficult to list them all, but I’ll try. First off, the actors involved. This is the 80’s encapsulated in actor form. Corey Haim, Cory Feldman, Jason Patric, Jami Gertz, Dianne Wiest, Alex Winter, and of course, Kiefer Sutherland. Come ON! He’s so awesome in this!  Then all the amazing music (“thou shall not kill…) The soundtrack is fantastic. And that concert scene with the ridiculous, buff, greased up, saxophone-playing lead singer might be one of my favorite concert scenes in a movie EVER. Plus, I swear you will never see another film with more helicopter or swooping shots in it. Watch it again, you’ll see.  It’s a quirky studio film with some fantastic little twists and turns along the way. There actually isn’t that much violence until toward the end, and then it’s just awesome. And the finale vampire battle is just top notch. Funny story, I grew up going to the Santa Cruz Beach & Boardwalk every summer, where this movie is filmed. And the one thing that ALWAYS disturbed the hell out of me as a child was that on their Sky Ride, they would put these weird random caveman-like mannequins on a few of the chairs. They terrified me. They haunted my dreams. Well, if you watch the opening montage of this movie where it shows numerous clips of the boardwalk, there’s actually a glimpse of one of those damn Sky Ride dummies. For me, that just guaranteed this movie was always going to stick with me. Anyway, stupid Sky Ride dummies aside, this movie rules. The amusement park setting. The biker gang aspect. The incredible vampire “lair”. Everything about this film is just magic. Go see it again. It really does hold up.

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