10/26/13 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #26 – Final Destination 2


Yeah, I know there’s been five Final Destinations (and yep, a 6th is in development), so I get all the jokes that it’s never quite “final”. But you know what? I so don’t care. I love this franchise. It’s exactly what I enjoy at the movie theater. It’s silly. It’s fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s got inventive setups, and phenomenal payoffs. The series cares less about the actual plot, and more about the series of Rube Goldberg–esque death sequences. That’s what we came to see, and that’s what we get. But as much as I quite enjoy the entire series, it’s Final Destination 2 that is the peak of the franchise. They took everything that worked in the first one, and just upped the ante in every imaginable way. We all know the premise by now. If you cheat death, death will come looking for you. Here, it’s a woman’s premonition about a massive freeway crash that saves all the potential victims… only to have them all die horrifically later. Directed by the late, great, David Ellis, who tragically passed away earlier this year, this movie definitely delivers on his stuntman past. The absolutely jaw-dropping freeway sequence at the beginning of the film is seriously one of the most incredible action scenes you’ll ever see in a horror movie. Ellis definitely knew how to direct vehicular action, since he did all the 2nd unit work on the phenomenal motorcycle chase sequence in The Matrix Reloaded. But then you blend the action with all the shockingly graphic gore, and you’ve never seen anything like it. You want a gigantic bouncing log smashing through a windshield and right through a guy’s head? You got it. This film is just balls out awesome. Just when you think you know how someone is going to die, they throw you for a loop. You never quite know where or when it’s coming, and that’s the whole point. Just a really fun, inventive film. Enjoy.


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