You’ve heard me say it before, but I’ll say it a million times. In my humble opinion, there was no better time for inventive, crazy horror flicks than the 80’s. Yes, I grew up during that time, so I may be a bit biased, but if you compare what they were doing then to now, they win. Hands down. They were just doing crazy things that no would dare do today. And I’m not talking about independent cinema, I’m talking studio flicks! Another example in that bizarre, insane and flat out fun-as-hell category is the absolutely fantastic movie, House. This is yet another little gem directed by Steve Miner, my current partner on my show (SO excited he’s directing my pilot!) House is about an author who moves back into his aunt’s old (haunted) house in order to finish his novel about his past Vietnam experiences, only to have the house basically start to do battle with him. With House there are so many badass things to love, I’ll just start the list. First, you need to know that it’s a zany horror comedy. House is more Evil Dead 2 than it is Evil Dead. You horror freaks will know what that means. Basically, most of the horror is played for laughs instead of dread. But saying that, there still are some undeniably great scare moments. And next, let’s talk the effects. How awesome are these PRACTICAL creature designs!? No CGI here. All handcrafted beasties, with even some Ray Harryhausen stop motion for good measure. You want a flying netherworld bat creature with a human skeleton head… that also knows how to deftly wield a shotgun? House has got it. Hahaha, oh man, I love this movie. It’s just so insane. Plus, in addition to the other crazy demon creatures, including an awesome 3rd act baddie I won’t ruin, you’ve also got some pesky pestering possessed tools, more bathroom cabinet mirror gags than any movie ever, and even has the original Billy Bass (you’ll know what I mean.) Plus, it’s a showcase of awesome 80’s actors from 80’s TV shows. You’ve got William Katt (Greatest American Hero), Richard Moll (Night Court), and even George Wendt (Cheers). Trust me. If you love horror comedies; if you love bizarre creature designs; if you love inventive originality; and mostly, if you love the 80’s; you will absolutely love this movie.


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