American Mary

Some people are afraid of ghosts. For others, serial killers send them hiding under the covers. Regardless what it is, everyone has that one thing that chills them to their core. For me personally, my Achilles Heel is that I’m absolutely petrified by extreme facial plastic surgery. I know it’s a niche phobia, but it’s real. When people turn their normal faces into a plastic, windblown, alien-like visage, I want to shrink into a ball and shiver. It seriously gets to me. It’s for this reason that I’m recommending this unbelievably disturbing movie, American Mary. This film is about the world of extreme plastic surgery and body modification, told through the eyes of a surgical med student that starts to go crazy after a truly awful thing happens to her. Now, know this, this is a MESSED UP film. It is most definitely not for everyone. Be warned. It is extreme in every way. Gory, disgusting, graphically sexual, filled with unlikable filthy characters in an unlikable filthy world. It’s not nearly as awful as A Serbian Film (in my opinion, the single most disgusting film ever made, but that’s a whooooole other blog post), but there are a few aspects that come close. Plus, quite honestly, American Mary is FAR from a perfect film. In fact, it’s chock full of gaping plot holes and problems. So why would I recommend it then? Solely, because of the subject matter itself. I think the concept and the world itself are so fascinating that it’s worthy of a view, even if it falters off toward the end. The characters inside are actually fascinating little studies, from the high-pitched woman who does 22 surgeries to turn herself into Betty Boop, to the woman who simply wants to turn herself into a human Barbie doll. Oh man, their faces…. *shivers*. Anyway, it’s foul, it’s disgusting, sometimes it doesn’t really make sense, and other times it’s really hard to watch. But it’s never boring.  Plus, it stars Katherine Isabelle, whom I love (from Ginger Snaps, a film I wrote about a few days ago.) It won Screamfest last year, and has definitely made a splash in the horror circuit. If you like to be disturbed, check it out. Oh, and one last little bit of disturbing trivia? The two insanely creepy female twins in the film that want to be… um, closer?  Well, they’re also the directors. Think about how messed up that is after you see it. You’ll know what I’m talking about. *More shivers.*


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