Dog Soldiers

I can’t think of a better way to start the week than with a kickass British military werewolf flick.  Yep, that old genre.  Dog Soldiers has been one of my favorites for years, and it will just flat out entertain the hell out of you.  This is one of those movies that people may hear the name, or hear the premise, and think it’s just going to be another one of those direct-to-DVD throwaways.  But those people would be wrong and you should punch them.  Dog Soldiers is SO much better than you think it’s going to be.  The acting is great.  The story is interesting.  The action is fantastic.  The werewolves themselves are top notch.  Everything about this movie is just a step up.  This was Neil Marshall’s debut as a feature director, and man oh man did he come out of the gate with guns blazing.  Most people know Neil Marshall from his amazing film The Descent, but this is where he started.  And if you know Neil’s work, you know that he wears his favorite movies and influences on his sleeve.  Each movie reflects one he grew up with and loved.  With Dog Soldiers, his obvious influences are Predator and Aliens.  So really, think of Dog Soldiers as a personal mix of those movies, only with werewolves.  Like those films, it’s a combo of action with horror, all circling around a military squad filled with unique personalities.  And again, much like those influences, this movie is just flat out fun.  The setup follows a military squad that’s dropped into the center of the isolated woods on a training exercise, and well, it appears they’ve been dropped into a werewolf hunting ground.  The training quickly gets real, and from there plenty of twists and surprises await.  Damn, it’s just a fun movie.  Plus, you’ll recognize many of the amazing actors on display from Game of Thrones, Rome, and a host of other shows.  Long story short.  If you love action, if you love horror, if you value a great werewolf design (almost more dog than wolf), and if you’re a fan of Neil Marshall, you really should check out this film.  It’s a downright blast.


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