10/20/13 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #20 – Nosferatu (1922)

Nosferatu Old

Going seriously old school today. Back to what some say is the ultimate and original tale of a vampirism. I’ll leave the whole Dracula vs. Nosferatu argument to you. I like them both, so I don’t have anything to add to that age old horror conversation. Nosferatu is easily one of the oldest films I’ve ever put on this list, and (so far) the only silent film that’s ever grabbed a spot. But regardless of age, Nosferatu is a must watch for anyone who considers themselves a true horror fan. It’s one of the absolute foundations of all horror cinema. I first saw this film way back in film school, and I admit I thought I was going to be bored out of my brain. 1922? Black and white? AND a silent film? But I was not prepared for what this movie did to me. It puts you under a spell. It has a type of dread and gothic style to it that is absolutely incomparable to anything that has followed. And much of that eerie atmosphere actually is aided by the fact that there is no dialogue. You’re left with only the performances to follow the story, and it just draws you in, in such a unique (and unexpected) way. There have been countless issues around the film over the years. There have been arguments over plagiarism and rights by the Bram Stoker family, banning in various countries, even rumors that Max Schreck himself (who plays Nosferatu) was in reality an actual vampire. But that all just adds to the whole mystique. At the end, it’s just a fascinating journey through the early 20’s and the origins of not just horror cinema, but cinema itself. If you consider yourself a movie buff in the least, Nosferatu is definitely worth a view. But if you consider yourself a horror movie buff, it’s an absolute must watch. And when you’re done, you tell me if Graf Orlok isn’t still to this day one of the most perfect and terrifying monster creations in movie history. You will see him in your dreams. I guarantee it.


4 thoughts on “10/20/13 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #20 – Nosferatu (1922)

  1. Love Nosferatu!! It set the stage for great vampire films. The basic elements are still in the modern vampire films today. This film is silent and dated, but is absolutely amazing! You have to consider while watching this film that it was 1922, Horror movies practically didn’t exist so there was no blue print to go from. All they had was this mysterious recording device, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and a weird ass guy to play Dracula! The thing I love about these old horror flicks is they really get you into the Halloween spirit because the Halloween we see today has been hugely influenced by these films. So they naturally get you in that spooky spirit and they are also great to watch with the family!

      • Yeah, I love those qualities in old films, also in television like “The Twilight Zone.” I have made it my life’s goal to bring back that old style of storytelling and look. That’s why I created a series called “A Seat on a Train.” You should check out my website http://www.aseatonatrain.com The first episode called “Out of Place” premieres on Halloween! I have created a modern day look that is in color but is very washed out like the TZ. All my stories are written by me and have that classic storytelling format that we all love but I have applied it to our modern times to keep the audience of today interested. Let me know what you think and any help getting the word out there would be greatly appreciated.

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