10/18/13 – 2013 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #18 – Carrie (1976)


Come on, you KNEW I was going to…  In honor of today’s theatrical rollout of the remake of Carrie, it’s a complete no brainer that my choice today is the original Stephen King and Brian De Palma masterpiece from 1976. People of the universe, hear my plea… If you haven’t seen this film, SEE THE ORIGINAL BEFORE YOU SEE THE REMAKE!  Granted, I haven’t actually seen the remake yet (I will this weekend), but even if it’s really good, I just don’t see how they could ever make it better than this hyper-stylistic classic. The original Carrie is just so amazing. At it’s core, Carrie is about a stunted outcast, dominated by a super religious wacko of a mother, that one day discovers she has psychic powers. And boy, when she’s pushed to her edge, and discovers how to use them, she rains a magnificent rain of terror down on all her oppressors.  Oh, it’s glorious.  Not just for the horror fans out there, this gem is for movie aficionados everywhere. If anything, this is Brian De Palma at the absolute top of his game. His playful camerawork. His noir-ish atmosphere. Hell, this is the man that practically invented the usage of the split screen, and still in my opinion the only one who’s truly gotten it to work (a small exception for Tarantino). When he uses it in the finale to show a blood soaked Carrie on one side of the screen, and… well, I won’t ruin it, but it’s slick, it’s artsy, and it’s all kinds of awesome.  Plus, this movie is a perfect time capsule of the 70’s. Much like the finale of Prom Night, everything amazing about that time period is on show at the prom in the finale. Plus, you’ve got Travolta in Welcome Back Kotter mode AND The Greatest American Hero, William Katt. But speaking of actors, this is Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie’s movie, hands down. Sissy Spacek’s portrayal of a emotionally stunted outcast is downright gutwrenching. That scene in the shower absolutely devastates me every single time. Never have you rooted for someone to take revenge more than Carrie. And Piper Laurie’s, “They’re all going to laugh at you!!!” is still one of the most iconic lines ever. Man, you want her to die so bad.  Interesting trivia, this was Stephen King’s FIRST movie adaptation.  Talk about knocking it out of the park on the first attempt.  Look, this movie has been around for 37 years. You have no excuse. Go see the damn movie BEFORE you see the remake. It’s incredible. It’s iconic.  It’s one of the best.  And that’s all I have to say.


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