10/16/13 – 2013 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #16 – Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps

If we picked great movies based on titles alone, personally I think Ginger Snaps would be pretty high on that list. I just love that name. Ginger Snaps is a film that is very well known within the horror community, but outside of that, not so much. You may call it more of an underground favorite, but honestly that’s a shame, because this movie deserves such a larger audience. It’s so much smarter and sly than what most people would probably call “just another werewolf movie.” Well, this is FAR from just another werewolf movie. This is a coming of age, psychological, suspenseful, and surprisingly emotional, little horror romp that deals with the larger issues of being an outcast, and what it means to grow up and “become a woman.” Think of Ginger Snaps as a type of Heathers for the horror crowd. It’s mainly about two strange sisters who are obsessed with death, that are most definitely outcasts at their school (having a fascination with staging fake death scenes will do that.) But on the same night that the older sister has her first period, well, she’s attacked by a werewolf.  That old tale.  Now, just think about how perfect that connection is for a minute. Think about going through the confusing changes of adolescence and puberty, paralleled with the terrifying changes of becoming a werewolf. It’s such a genius metaphor to me. And that’s what makes Ginger Snaps such a smart movie. It’s got so much more deep down than what appears on the surface. It’s smart, it’s funny, at times purely terrifying, and also insanely gory. For a horror film, it really does have it all. Plus, the sisters are so utterly perfect. I fell in complete love with Katherine Isabelle after this movie. Anyway, go see and enjoy this film, and see what a smart werewolf movie can be.  It really does deserve a much larger audience.

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