The Mist

For a major studio released, nicely-budgeted, sci-fi horror movie, directed by Frank Darabont, and based on some seriously strong Stephen King material, it’s amazing how many people have never seen this film.  Strangely, it seemed to come and go in the theaters without much fanfare.  But dammit, I’m here to give The Mist a little push.  This movie should be reckoned with.  What’s so great about The Mist is how it takes what you expect from a studio sci-fi creature movie and completely spins all expectations on their head.  On the surface, this film is about a small town that is suddenly covered in a thick mist chock full of monsters, and a group of people that are stranded in a supermarket right in the center of it all.  Yet, even though they’re fighting horrific odds on the larger scale, the true horror doesn’t come from the monsters closing in on them from outside, rather it comes from their fellow survivors stuck inside the store with them.  The question is posed, what’s more terrifying – gigantic otherworldy tentacle monsters, or simple human nature?  Well, for me, the terror of human nature is FAR more haunting.  Frank Darabont shows how a fear-mongering religious zealot can brainwash and control people into believing pretty much anything. When she starts to call it the “end of days” and preaching apocalyptic hellfire, beware the crowd mentality of scared humans, for it truly is capable of anything.  Anyone thinking that a studio film may play it a little softball, you’ve got another thing coming.  I do not want to ruin anything AT ALL, but I think this movie may have one of the most haunting endings I’ve ever seen in my entire life.  It sticks with you.  It makes you think about what you’d do in a similar situation.  To me, it’s flawless.  This movie is amazing.  See it for the giant tentacle monsters, stay for the terrifying lesson on human nature.  Enjoy.

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