10/11/13 – 2013 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #11 – Tales From the Darkside: The Movie


First an admission.  This movie will forever be tied with my adolescence, so there’s an obvious bias to its inclusion here.  After watching so many horror films at home on VHS, and obsessing over every page of Fangoria, this was one of the first big horror movies I got to actually see in a movie theater.  Growing up in small town Utah, where seeing R rated movies was an utter sin, this was huge.  Trust me on this one.  Because of this, it was just such a fantastic experience that words can hardly describe it.  All those things I loved about horror movies at home, I was finally seeing the way they were meant to be seen – on the big screen.  To this day, sitting in a darkened movie theater, watching a horror movie, in a shared experience with other fans, is my favorite thing in the world.  I still have the movie poster I asked for and got from the theater.  It was hung up in my room for my entire youth.  But enough about wistful memories, let’s talk about the movie.  Like I mentioned yesterday, I’ve always loved horror anthologies.  This one is less frenetic as has just three main stories, and a wraparound story that acts as the glue.  Of the three main stories, one is from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (you may have heard of him), one is from Stephen King and George Romero (not too shabby), and one is from one of the original writers of the TV series this movie was based on (he also wrote Nightmare Before Christmas!)  All in all, the writing talent is definitely there.  I could also talk about all the awesome actors from Deborah Harry to Julianne Moore to William Hickey.  But what made this movie for me was how fun it was.  It’s just good old fashioned fun.  Not here to win awards.  Just here to entertain.  And entertain it does.  Plus, it really showcases some incredible FX.  The gargoyle transformation sequence in the third story is still stunning to this day.  Anyway, you may not have the childhood memories attached to it, but you’ll still feel like a young kid watching it.  Give it a whirl and enjoy.


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